Land Surveying

What is an ALTA Survey?
The ALTA in ALTA survey stands for American Land Title Association and it refers to a standard. In a land transaction, a buyer or the buyer's financial institution will be the party requiring the survey and determining the elements of the standard to be included in the survey. A land survey done in accordance with this standard and the buyers requirements is done to remove exceptions noted in a land title policy and is done in coordination with the title company.

Home Construction

How can I obtain a copy of the drainage plan for a plat prepared by your firm?
You may download a copy from the Subdivision Plat page. If the subidvision plat you are interested in is not in the list, please contact Katie for assistance.


Do I need a permit to do xyz.
We can usually advise a client on whether or not a permit is required for a particular activity. But we cannot predict in all cases whether or not the permit will be approved. At least not initially. If hired to prepare plans and permit applications, we can gather the necessary information and design the project in a way so that it will be permitted. In some cases, the original idea may need to be modified to obtain the permit. We work closely with the client to make sure in the end, the client's needs are still fully satisfied.