Civil Site Design for Commercial Projects

John R. Davel

Davel Engineering & Environmental Case History

Since this was not the first time faced with this challenge, we had a few tools in the box! A biofilter is an underground storm water best management practice (bmp) that filter the total suspended solids (tss) out of the storm water runoff. These biofilters can be designed in almost any size or shape. We were able to design the grading of the parking lot in such a way that the lot drained to every and any available greenspace whether it was a grassed boulevard between the parking and drives or a landscape island in the parking lot. We placed small biofilters in several of these low points. We also contoured the parking lots to detain storm water runoff at the low points for peak flow control. Since damage to flooded cars is always a concern, the flooded areas were designed to be at minimal depth so as not to cause any damage. To a casual observer, the site looks like any other commercial development. To an expert civil engineer, the site would be recognized as a creative solution.