Stream Restoration

Tim Wittmann

Davel Engineering & Environmental Case History

The stream conveyed a 120 acre watershed including lands from the adjacent Outagamie County Regional Airport. Under authority of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the Army Corps of Engineers, the landowner was responsible for a significant stream and wetland restoration. Davel Engineering & Environmental was retained for both the design and construction coordination effort for both the stream/wetland restoration and the proposed trucking terminal.

With the former stream and wetlands destroyed, a new stream/wetland corridor was initiated concurrently with a temporary bypass channel. The newly graded stream/wetland corridor was to meet strict criteria for native species cover and mitigation for an un-restored portion of wetland that was deemed not practicable for restoration. Once vegetation was established, the bypass channel was removed and the 5-year monitoring period to comply with regulatory mitigation requirements begun. Over the monitoring period we coordinated efforts for groundwater observations, vegetative cover mapping, invasive species eradication, and non-structural stream controls. At the end of the monitoring period, the stream and wetland exceeded expectations for native vegetative cover with a beautiful upland prairie upon completion of the monitoring period.