Davel Engineering & Environmental, Inc. provides clients with a range of civil engineering and land surveying services including all aspects of land and site development. We are committed to using the latest technology, including robotic instruments, and GPS equipment. State-of-the-art technology combined with excellent staff training, innovative design and regulatory insight allows us to quickly and accurately produce plans with which you can build.

Land Development
Residential Subdivision-Town of Grand Chute
Residential Subdivisions - Subdivisions of land involve many agencies and approvals. As such, they require a wide variety of services to complete. We usually will begin the process with a topographic survey of the land parcel. Other preliminary studies such as flood plain studies, wetland delineations, or soil borings may be required. Whether we begin with an owner's concept for development or design one of our own, the next step is a preliminary plat where we apply the concept plan to the surveys and studies prepared for the land parcel to design the proposed land division. At this step, drainage and storm water management plans, street profiles and sewer and water service plans are designed. All these plans are submitted to the local municipality for review against their ordinances and comprehensive land use plans. They may also invite the public to a meeting to offer comments on the plans.

The State Department of Administration and Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will review the plans and plat and then issue permits. It may take several iterations of designs and public meetings to obtain a Preliminary Plat approval from the local authority and the process may take several months. After receiving the Preliminary Plat approval, construction can usually begin as long as all the other construction related permits are received.

The Final Plat is a separate step, that requires local and state approvals and is the document recorded at the Register of Deeds and actually creates the lots. The Final Plat will address any conditions of approval made by the local and state authorities. Our services do not stop when the plat is approved. We will assist the owner in hiring contractors to build the subdivision roads, drainage, and utilities. During the construction phase we will provide construction surveying for the contractors and provide record drawings to the municipality.
Strip mall-commercial development
Commercial/Industrial - Every commercial or industrial building project requires some civil engineering. Any project that disturbs a significant area of land requires a storm water management plan and environmental permits. We are involved in the project from start to completion. At the start we are providing topographic, ALTA boundary surveys, wetland determinations, Phase 1 Environmental Studies and other preliminary engineering studies. We work with the architect or general contractor to design the parking facilities, building services, grading plans, erosion and sediment control plans, and storm water management plans. During construction we provide construction surveying for the layout of the buildings, pavements or other various site features.
Lake Park Apartments - Town of Harrison
Multi-Family and Planned Developments - In most cases, the key step in developing land for multi-family (apartments) is to find the right parcel of land and obtain the necessary zoning. We can assist with this step calling upon our knowlege and experience of the local comprehensive land use plans. We can also represent the owner at public hearings to help present the project and answer technical questions related to developing the parcel.

Once zoning is in place, a site plan for the development must be prepared to obtain the approval to construct the development on the parcel of land. Sometimes this zoning permit is called a Conditional Use Permit, Special Use Permit or a Planned Development. We can design the site layout if the proposed building footprints are provided or we collaborate with the architect who is designing the buildngs to design the site plan.

Storm Water Managment Plans and Sewer and Water Service Plans are a required part of the site plan review process, which will be prepared based on the site plan designed. This type of project does not usually involve a subdivsion of land, but may require a Certified Survey Map, which is a minor land division to create the parcel of land for the development. The projects are usually served by private not public roads. They may involve a single stand alone home, or building that contains many residential units within the same building. If the homes are to be sold, a Condominium Plat is prepared and recorded at the Register of Deeds where the title to the home is based. Certified Survey Maps and Condominium Plats are instruments of our service.

Once construction begins we can provide construction surveying to layout the buildings, roads, and utilities.
Fritse Park Town of Menasha
Parks and Recreational - Our involvement in parks or recreational projects usually come from the civil engineering team member. We will be preparing Topographic or Boundary Surveys of the land parcel or possibly wetland delineations or other preliminary studies. Our maps and surveys will become the base map for the park planner to use. Once the conceptual layout and features of the park are establised, we will get involved in the design of roads and parking areas, storm water management facilities, walking trails, or trail bridges. Construction suveying is provided to the contractors building the park so that every feature is constructed in the right place!

Engineering Studies
Twin Creeks Golf Course - Town of Ellington
Flood Plain and Floodway Analysis - If a client is proposing to develop near a river or stream it is essential to know at what elevation the development should be constructed to keep it safe from flooding. We can perform a study of the river or stream that will estimate the flood flow and elevation along the stream. Typically this type of study will result in a determination of the flood plain and floodway. In an area where a flood plain and floodway have already been established, additional work can be done to analyze encroachments into the floodway. Much of this work is required by Shoreland Zoning ordinances. Flood studies are also a required phase of work for the design of bridges or culvert structures that cross navigable streams.
Landmark Plaza _Oshkosh
Storm Water Runoff/Drainage Studies - Most projects today require a Storm Water Management Plan. A Storm Water Management Plan would detail how the storm water will be treated for both peak flow control and water quality for the development. We would perform a hydrologic study to estimate runoffs from various rainfall events. We would also design storm water management best practices to treat the runoff to meet both state and local requirements.

A separate study might be done to size a storm drainage facility or to study why something flooded. We use hydrologic modelling software using methods establish by the USDA Soils Conservation Service or other agencies. A drainage study would also combine an analysis of topography to determine the direction and concentration of the surface water runoff. This service would be a necessary phase in a subdivision or commercial development as a part of a Storm Water Management Plan.

Environmental Services
Fox River Tool Company - Menasha
Phase I & II Environmental Site Analysis - Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) - ESA’s are often needed for real estate transactions, generally for properties historically used for commercial purposes. Performing an ESA before acquiring a property can minimize risk of having to deal with costly remediation of hazardous waste.

A Phase I ESA consists of a records review, interviews with owners, occupants, government officials and a site inspection to determine if a Recognized Environmental Condition (REC) may potentially exist. A Phase II ESA is conducted if there is any potential that contamination exists and includes confirmation of the presence or absence of contamination.
Soil and Site Evaluations
Soil Evaluations - Soil Evaluations (lab and field)-Soil profile evaluations are generally needed for storm water management plans and construction of ponds to determine ground water elevation and soil properties which affect construction and feasibility. In many cases, fill placed in a floodplain requires compaction testing to ensure structures are reasonably safe from flooding in accordance with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

Davel Engineering provides a variety of soil profile evaluations, laboratory testing, groundwater elevation verification, and texture analysis for purposes of determining site suitability for septic systems, storm water ponds, wildlife ponds and wetlands, foundation elevations, presumptive bearing capacity and depth to bedrock.
Wetland Delineation
Wetland Delineations - Wetland delineations consist of determining the extent of a wetland or wetlands on a property. Generally speaking, wetlands cannot be filled and there may be local restrictions on disturbance of wetlands. Conducting a wetland determination or delineation is one of the first surveys that should be conducted before planning a site development.

There are several definitions of wetlands. The State of Wisconsin's definition of wetlands is: “An area where water is at, near or above the land surface long enough to be capable of supporting aquatic or hydrophytic vegetation and which has soils indicative of wet conditions.” Basically an area that is wet, inundated or saturated within 1 foot of the surface for 14 consecutive days during the growing season may meet the hydrology definition of a wetland.

We can identify and mark the wetland boundary, do a survey, and show it on an exhibit map for review and planning. The required reports are generally submitted to the DNR and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and other government agencies with jurisdiction for review and/or concurrence. This process can take some time, which is why it is important to identify the wetland boundary well in advance of planning.
White Hawk Meadows Trail Bridge-Town of Grand Chute
Wetland Permitting - Under current regulations, when wetlands are identified on a property, a Practicable Alternatives Analysis (PAA) is needed if the development concept requires impact to or filling of wetlands for the project. The PAA is conducted to evaluate the site to see if the wetland impact can be avoided, and if not, how the proposed project can result in minimized impact to wetlands. Generally the PAA consists of generating alternatives, exhibits, and supporting documentation and reasoning for developing a plan that meets the project purpose and minimizes wetland impact to the maximum extent practicable.

Our surveyors, engineers and environmental staff have vast experience in navigating this onerous process and have a good working relationship with the local regulators. Davel Engineering can provide all the services needed in preparing a wetland permit application.

Land Surveying
White Hawk Meadows Sewer Construction
Construction Services - We work with a variety of contractors from home builders to utility contractors, heavy earthmovers, and general contractors. We take your plans and lay it out on the ground to be built. We also provide GPS survey control and terrain models for GPS guided construction equipment.

We also offer construction observation, residential house site plans, and erosion control plans and inspections.
Residential Subdivision
Land Divisions - The three types of land divisions are Subdivision Plat, Certified Survey Map and Condominium Plat. The subdivision plat is utilized to create multiple lots and typically requires the state and local municipality to provide a review and approval. This type of development typically includes designing roads, utilities and preparing a drainage plan for the project.

A Certified Survey Map, or CSM as it is commonly referred, is utilized to create four or less lots and is reviewed by the county and local municipality. The land owner is limited to the creation of four lots with a CSM with a five year period of time, this can vary by county.

Finally a condominium plat can be utilized for a residential or commercial property and creates units instead of lots to be sold. The condominium plat is typically utilized when a subdivision of the lands are not practical. The condominium is prepared in conjunction with the declaration, prepared by an attorney, which defines the governing board along with the owners’ rights and responsibilities.

For all land divisions we offer a free consultation to determine feasibility and requirements for moving forward with your development.
Land Surveyor
Property Surveys - A property survey can be either a Plat of Survey or an American Land Title Association Survey, commonly referred to as an ALTA Survey. The Plat of Survey is a basic survey of the boundary of a residential or commercial property. This survey typically is requested when the client wants to put up a fence, install landscaping or determine if a neighbor’s improvements are encroaching on their property.

An ALTA survey is typically for commercial property and is requested by the individual purchasing a property or the financial institution which is providing the loan for the project. The person requesting the survey typically chooses the survey requirements from Table A of ALTA survey requirements. These requirements are used to remove exception from the title insurance policy.

No matter the size of your parcel we would be happy to provide you with a quote for a survey of your property.
Topographic Map Example
Topographic Survey - A topographic survey is performed to show the topography of the land and any physical improvements which include: buildings, pavement, and utilities. This map typically is used as a base map for an architect, landscape designer or civil engineer to design improvements to the property.

Public Works
Green Ridge Court, Town of Lawrence
Local Street Reconstructions - As opposed to development of a new street in a subdivision development, this service would involve the reconstruction of an existing street in an established neighborhood. The challenges in this type of project may involve solving long standing drainage issues, widening or improving the service level of the road, adding bike lanes, walking trails or sidewalks, and of course coordination with residents. Our services would not stop at design. We can also assist with the bidding and contracting and construction management.
Water Main Construction
Sanitary Sewer and Water Main Extensions - Many times older sewer or water mains need to be replaced. An engineer is required to design the replacement and obtain extension approvals from the Department of Natural Resources. Other times extensions of mains to serve outlying areas are required by the district or municipality. We can provide the design services necessary to carry out the project. We can also provide construction services such as bidding, construction surveying, and observation.
O'Hauser Park, Town of Menasha
Walking Trails and Sidewalks - Many municipalities are planning to expand their hiking and biking trail systems thoughout their communities. When it comes time to implement the planning, we can help with the construction of a segment of trail or even the construction of a trail bridge. We can start with designing the route and help to obtain right of ways or easements and then follow through with plans that can be used for bidding and construction.

Site Development
Victory Lane Body Shop - Town of Grand Chute
Parking Lots - Sometimes all you need is a small expansion to your parking lot. What would seem like a simple project can turn into quite an endeavor. For many municipalities, their storm water ordinance will require storm water controls for as little as 4,000 square feet of new impervous area. Other permits such as site approvals and erosion and sediment control permits will likely be required. We can help determine quickly and exactly what is required and help find the easiest path to completion. Our services may includr a grading and drainage plan for the parking lot, an erosion control plan, site approvals and permits, storm water management design, construction layout, bidding and contracting.
Winding Creek, Town of Menasha - Wet Detention Pond
Storm Water Ponds - Storm water ponds are needed on most projects. The wet detention pond is the most common storm water management practice because it can control both peak flows and reduce sediment to improve water quality. There are other practices that can be used instead of or in conjunction with other practices to achieve the same results.

The "pond" can even be placed underground under a parking lot, for instance, to conserve land. A storm water pond is usually part of a larger project. Occassionally we are brought in as a team member to design just this aspect of the project. Aside from the design, which includes hydraulic and hydrologic modelling, a written Storm Water Managment Plan and Operation and Maintenance Plan are usually required by the authority.