"I have worked with Davel Engineering since 2003 when I invested in 70 acres in the Town of Grand Chute. With no experience in land development, and the intention of developing my first subdivision, it was imperative I chose the right engineering firm to partner with.

John Davel is one of the most honest, and patient people I have had the pleasure of working with. From the first time I met with him to determine whether or not I wanted to buy land and get into land development, I had a comfort level with John that made my decision to hire Davel Engineering an easy one. John knew I had no experience in land development, and that taking me on as a client would require a lot of additional “handholding” that he wouldn’t be compensated for, but he assured me he would do whatever it took to help me through the process, (which can be overwhelming) and he has never let me down.

The staff at Davel Engineering is a direct reflection of John’s qualities as a person, and a leader. It’s not the biggest engineering firm, but as a former small business owner, I appreciate the personalized attention you get from everyone, and the high level of quality work they do. The culture at Davel Engineering is one of people doing whatever it takes to provide the best service possible, and teamwork is a natural occurrence, not just a slogan.

For a number of years during the economic downturn when many developers went out of business, I didn’t know if White Hawk Meadows would survive, but with John’s guidance and assistance, I’m happy to say that business is good. The original 70 acre development (111 lots) is sold out, and we are on the second phase of White Hawk Meadows North, a 76 acre expansion.

Twelve years ago I absolutely made the right decision when I partnered with Davel Engineering!"
Glen S. - Owner
Rubble Development, Appleton, WI
"I have used Davel Engineering as my engineer/surveyor since 1999. I had been using a larger firm and was dissatisified with their service. I found Davel to be everything that I needed. They are knowledgable and accessible and responsive to my needs. I have done many projects with them over the years with a variety of partners. I always tell my potential partners that I am not interested in pursuing a project unless we can agree that Davel will be the engineer on the project."
Tom D. - Land Developer
Kaukauna, WI
"Davel Engineering is a true team player always going the extra mile to complete projects on time and on budget. Great first impression for my clients at the start of a project."
John H. - Home Builder
BerHoff Homes LLC, Appleton, WI
"They listen up front and get a very thorough understanding of the project. We’ve worked with larger firms where mistakes in understanding the scope and details of the project have led to project delays and increased costs."
Rick F. - President
Fisher & Associates Architects, DePere, WI
"Great communication and follow up. We have access to all members of the firm and questions are answered immediately."
Chuck T. - Home Builder/Land Developer
Thompson Custom Homes, Neenah, WI
"They are very hands-on, and provide personalized service. There’s more attention to details and as a result, fewer mistakes."
Steve S.
General Contractor, Oshkosh, WI